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Critical Mass

Triggering a reputational chain-reaction

Critical Mass is an award-winning digital experience design agency delivering category-defining work. Nevertheless, when Critical Mass came to us in 2015 the agency did not yet enjoy the profile that their work deserved.

Our brief was to elevate the global reputation of Critical Mass to its rightful position as one of the leading experience design agencies in the business, delivering a single-minded brand story across their key geographies in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.


futurefactor workshopped with Critical Mass global stakeholders to arrive at a single-minded narrative for the business designed to deliver global impact, while resonating locally.

This is where our decades’ worth of accumulated specialist experience in the creative agency space was key. It enabled us to get quickly to the heart of the challenge (and the opportunity), identifying a differentiating positioning for Critical Mass that we could be confident would find purchase with the press.


We developed bespoke thought leadership strategies for the Critical Mass leadership team across sector expertise, creativity and customer insight, securing on-stage and interview spots tailored to showcase their knowledge. We supported these strategies with content creation, co-developing editorial and on-stage material to amplify their story.

Additionally, we used business moves, such as high profile hires, new client wins and growth moments to tell the deeper Critical Mass story, while exploiting newsjacking opportunities to stay current, linking Critical Mass to key topical beats in the creative industry.

Client quotes

Dianne Wilkins

CEO, Critical Mass

“We are focused on spreading the word about all things Critical Mass – our award-winning digital design work, our industry rankings, the brilliance of our thought leaders, and our global growth. So we’re absolutely thrilled to have a valuable partner like futurefactor.”


Over the course of our years-long partnership with Critical Mass, we have helped them to become a pre-eminent industry voice, with the agency’s leadership making regular opinion editorial contributions to Forbes and HuffPost, among others.

In addition, we have helped to raise the profile of the agency’s work across publications and platforms, including the New York Times, Fast Company, CNBC, USA Today, AdAge, Adweek and many more.