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Developing a headline act

In early 2010, MediaMonks’ founders Wesley ter Haar and Victor Knaap came to futurefactor as a single-office digital production agency looking to build a global reputation.

Established in 2003, they were ready to expand beyond their basement home beginnings and Dutch borders. Their challenge was to carve out a role for themselves on the global stage – one that stayed true to their heritage and to their ambition.


Following a period of consultancy and workshopping, futurefactor developed a communications roadmap that would reinforce MediaMonks’ local position while building an international reputation as the global digital production powerhouse.

At the time, this was a complex and confused field. Our strategy was to be bold from the beginning and assume a winning stance and leadership position, rather than seek permission for one.


MediaMonks already had great work and amazing talent. It was our job to articulate and amplify the role these played in outcomes that were frequently the product of collaborations with creative agencies.

futurefactor targeted the messaging and crafted narratives that elevated opinions, highlighted expertise in innovation and showcased the work on a global scale – creating a consistent narrative around MediaMonks’ creative innovation credentials.

Client quotes

Victor Knaap

Partner & CEO, MediaMonks

“MediaMonks had no reputation at all – we were still ‘the guys in the basement’. Then we started working on that with futurefactor, through PR messaging, onstage presentations and thought leadership. Having a good reputation – having a lot of eyeballs on us – means we attract more projects that fit our company profile.”


By developing strategic content and placing an annual average of 350+ articles and 25+ speaker opportunities, futurefactor provided the fuel that has seen MediaMonks build its business from one office to 15+ and the team of global Monks grow from fewer than 100 to 800 and counting.

In July 2018, MediaMonks merged with Sir Martin Sorrel’s S4 Capital in a $350m deal: the largest in the history of the production industry.